Family History

The Bridge family lived near Smarden, Kent for several hundred years. The earliest records are wills dating from the late 15th century.

Translating Latin Wills

Some examples, with hints on how to decipher the old manuscripts.

The "Russian Table"

An heirloom with a difference: an English antique which displays 48 labelled samples of different ornamental stones, all from the Ural mountains.

An Atlantic crossing in 1849,

described in a diary kept by George Bridge, who emigrated from Kent to Illinois.


An early interest in mathematical models led me into this project in 3-D geometry: to enumerate and draw the facetions of the dodecahedron.

Wild Orchids in Kent

A new hobby: finding and photographing orchids. Kent has a good range of native species.

The Way Balls Bounce

A Java simulation of the bounce of an air-filled ball.

Rings round your eyes

Looking into a misted mirror with the light behind you, you may notice rings round your eyes. Being a scientist, I wanted to know what caused them and being retired, I had time to waste...

Rational Belief

Not so much a hobby, more a hobby-horse. Scientists can be wrong and scientific truth is just the theory we currently believe: so what gives scientists (like me) the right to decry Creationism?

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